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Gli abstracts di "Gusto, Salute e Qualità".

Una carrellata degli articoli più interessanti relativi a Gusto, Salute Qualità e Sostenibilità delle produzioni agroalimentari.

Breeding for Fruit Quality.
Matthew A. Jenks, Penelope Bebeli. Ed. John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
Perceived quality in fresh peaches: an approach through structural equation modeling.
M. Mora, J. Espinoza, B. Schnettler, G. Echeverría, S. Predieri, and R. Infante. Ciencia e Investigación Agraria, 38(2), 179-190. Anno: 2011.
Integrating sensory analysis and hedonic evaluation for apple quality assessment.
Autori: Edoardo Gatti, Nicola Di Virgilio, Massimiliano Magli and Stefano Predieri. Rivista: Journal of Food Quality; Volume: 34; Pagine: 126-132. Anno pubblicazione: 2011.
Traditional chestnut cultivar quality assessment as a tool for food-tourism development in Tuscany Appennine mountain area.
Predieri S., Gatti E., Magli M., Bertazza G., Drago M.S., Antonio R. “First European Conference on Wine and Food Tourism”. Volterra (Pisa), Italy, 13-15 April 2011.
A general methodology for analyzing fashion oriented textile products using sensory evaluation.
Zhu Y., Zeng X., Koehl L., Lageat T., Charbonneau A., Chaigneau C. (2010). Food Quality and Preference 21, 1068–1076.
The apple and your eye: Visual and taste rank-ordered probit analysis with correlated errors.
Schechter, L. (2010). Food Quality and Preference Volume: 21, Issue: 1, 112-120.
Development of a method to measure consumer emotions associated with foods.
Silvia C. King, Herbert L. Meiselman (2010). Food Quality and Preference 21, 168–177.
Consumers’ knowledge of healthy diets and its correlation with dietary behaviour.
M. Dickson-Spillmann & M. Siegrist (2011). Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 24, 54–60.
How do consumer hedonic ratings for extra virgin olive oil relate to quality ratings by experts and descriptive analysis ratings?
Claudia Delgado, Jean-Xavier Guinard (2011). Food Quality and Preference 22, 213–225.
Exploratory sensory profiling of three culinary preparations of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.).
Seefeldt HF, Tonning E, Thybo AK (2011). J Sci Food Agric, 91(1), 104–112.
Acceptance of calorie-reduced yoghurt: Effects of sensory characteristics and product information.
Autori: Susanne Bølling Johansen, Tormod Naes, Jorun Øyaas, Margrethe Hersleth; Rivista: Food Quality and Preference; Volume: 21; Pagine: 13-21. Anno: 2010.
Integrated Graphical Presentation of Fabric Sound and Mechanical Properties
Gilsoo Cho, Namkyoo Lim and Yoonjung Yang. Fibers and Polymers 2010, Vol.11, No.3, 516-520.
Food Combination and Alzheimer Disease Risk A Protective Diet
Yian Gu, PhD; Jeri W. Nieves, PhD; Yaakov Stern, PhD; Jose A. Luchsinger, MD, MPH; Nikolaos Scarmeas, MD, MS Arch Neurol. 67(6):699-706. Published online April 12, 2010 (doi:10.1001/archneurol.2010.84).
Color, Flavor, Texture, and Nutritional Quality of Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables: Desirable Levels, Instrumental and Sensory Measurement, and the Effects of Processing.
Autori: Barrett, D.M., Beaulieu, J.C., and Shewfelt, R.; Rivista: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition; Volume: 50; Pagine: 369-389. Anno: 2010.
Effect of a television programme on nutrition cognitions and intended behaviours.
Autori: Byrd-Bredbenner, C., Grenci, A., and Quick, V.; Rivista: Nutrition & Dietetics; Volume: 67; Pagine: 143–149; Anno: 2010.
Effectiveness of school-based interventions in Europe to promote healthy nutrition in children and adolescents: systematic review of published and ‘grey’ literature.
Autori: Van Cauwenberghe, E., Maes, L., Spittaels, H., van Lenthe, F.J., Brug, J., Jean-Michel Oppert, J.M. and De Bourdeaudhuij, I.. Rivista: British Journal of Nutrition; Volume: 103; Pagine: 781-797. Anno 2010.
Sensory Quality of Fresh French and Dutch Market Tomatoes: A Preference Mapping Study with Italian Consumers
Autori: Fiorella Sinesio,F., Cammareri,M., Moneta, E., Navez, B., Peparaio, M., Causse, M., Grandillo, S.; Rivista: Sensory and Food Quality; Volume: 75; Pagine: S55-S67. Anno 2010.
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