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Effect of a television programme on nutrition cognitions and intended behaviours.

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Autori: Byrd-Bredbenner, C., Grenci, A., and Quick, V.; Rivista: Nutrition & Dietetics; Volume: 67; Pagine: 143–149; Anno: 2010.

Aim: The present study examined the effect of nutrition-related information in the Lisa the Vegetarian episode from the prime-time television series The Simpsons on children’s nutrition cognitions and intended behaviours. This episode was chosen because its storyline is rich in nutrition-related information.
Methods: The sample was girls aged 9 and 10 years from New Jersey in the USA who were assigned to either the treatment group (n = 34) or control (n = 37). At the pretest, both study groups completed a self-administered questionnaire that measured nutrition cognitions (knowledge, outcome expectations, attitude and perceived norms) conveyed in the programme and intended behaviours related to vegetarianism. At the post-test, administered 7 to 14 days later, the control group again completed the questionnaire. The treatment group viewed the television programme and completed the questionnaire. At the follow-up post-test, administered 7 to 14 days after the post-test, both groups again completed the questionnaire.
Results: Analysis of covariance, with pretest score as the covariate, revealed that the treatment group mean post-test and follow-up post-test knowledge and intended behaviour scores were significantly more positive and attitude scores were significantly more negative than the control group.
Conclusion: Study findings indicate that television programmes must be recognised as an important vehicle for
conveying nutrition-related information that affects children’s cognitions and intended behaviours.

Parole chiave: Children; Diet; Media; Nutrition; Television.


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