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Exploratory sensory profiling of three culinary preparations of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.).

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Seefeldt HF, Tonning E, Thybo AK (2011). J Sci Food Agric, 91(1), 104–112.

BACKGROUND: A consumer-oriented description of potato quality with regard to culinary preparation could increase potato consumption. The aim of this study was to investigate the sensory attributes in 11 potato varieties grown at two locations and used for three culinary preparations.

RESULTS: Sensory evaluation of the potatoes served either as boiled, oven-fried or mashed were performed using 15–19 descriptors for appearance, flavour and texture attributes. A principal component analysis revealed that 45% of the variation in the sensory data was related to variety differences, which was ascribed to variation in appearance, dry matter content and texture. Growing location also significantly affected appearance and texture.

CONCLUSION: The sensory panel judged the sensory attributes ‘yellowness’, ‘hardness’, ‘adhesiveness’ and ‘moistness’ to be important quality descriptors in all three culinary preparations. Internal references showed the high reproducibility of the sensory evaluations. The potatoes grown in a sandy location had higher content of dry matter compared to those grown in a clay location, affecting the quality. This study showed that it was possible to do reliable and reproducible sensory profiles in a potato material with a large span in quality. Sensory information based on few attributes can be used to describe culinary quality of potato varieties.

Keywords: potato (Solanum tuberosum L.); sensory evaluation; dry matter; gastronomy.


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