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Simposio E3S: Sensory and Consumer Science: Thinking out of the Box

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Simposio sullo stato dell'arte dell'analisi sensoriale e consumer science e sulle proposte innovative (...out of the BOX)

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Quando 12/05/2014 08:05 a
13/05/2014 18:05
Dove Vienna, AT
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In 2014, a symposium will be organised by the Austrian Sensory Network SNÖ in partnership with the European Sensory Science Society E3S. It will be held in Vienna on May 12-13, 2014 at the Universityof Life Sciences. This symposium will cover topics that are located in scientific regions that might be considered as peripheral to traditional sensory analysis. Nevertheless, these research fields make high demands on the involved scientists and might influence the sensory and consumer science considerably in the future. This meeting will also give a forum to demonstrate the inter- and multi-disciplinarity of sensory and consumer science.Furthermore, there will be room for a ‘speakers’ corner’ to give sensory scientists the chance topresent their recent results.In addition to the scientific program, the general assembly of the E3S will take place on May 12.
The symposium will cover the following topics:
- ‘Senses and the City’
- Sensory and flavour analysis of non-food products
- Sensory perception and adipositas
- Development and evaluation of non-animal protein rich products


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