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Objective Measurement of Tactile Sensitivity Related to a Feeling of Softness and Warmth.

Autori: Mazzuchetti, G., Demichelis, R., Songia, M.B., and Rombaldoni, F.; Rivista: Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe; Volume: 16; Pagine: 67-71; Anno pubblicazione: 2008.

This study evaluates the possibility of using the mechanical properties of fabric measured by FAST instruments integrated with the thermal absorption measured by a Zweigle T675 Alambeta to predict the combination of primary handles connected to the feeling of softness and warmth. To achieve this objective, thermal and mechanical characteristics were correlated with the feeling of softness and warmth felt when touching pure wool and fabrics of wool/animal hair blends. Multiple linear regression was used to evaluate the correlation between the subjective judgement and the physical and thermal characteristics of the fabrics measured by FAST instruments and the Alambeta. Three mathematical models were used for the prediction of hand values and compared: a linear model, the Weber-Fechner law and Stevens’s power law. The results showed that there is a close relationship between the calculated and subjective values; better correspondence was obtained with the Weber-Fechner law. Furthermore, using the multiple linear regression step-up enabled us to determine which independent variables contribute little or nothing to the accuracy of the prediction. Finally, the study highlights which physical and thermal characteristics measured by FAST and Alambeta instruments can be used for the evaluation of primary hand values.

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