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Sensory evaluation methods for tactile properties of fabrics.

Autori: Sular, V. and Okur, A.; Rivista: Journal of Sensory Studies; Volume: 22; Pagine: 1–16. Anno pubblicazione:2007.

Sensory evaluation of tactile properties of fabrics is a subject many researchers have studied for years and which still has importance and is also open to improvements. Particularly for suitings, the sensory evaluation of fabric handle or of other tactile properties has a greater importance. This article explains sensory evaluation techniques for stiffness, thickness and smoothness, which are the components of fabric handle of suitings. These sensory techniques are introduced by the authors and studied in 100% worsted wool suitings. The concordances of sensory test results are investigated by Kendall’s concordance test, and correlation analyses are carried out to examine the relations between sensory results.

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