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Integrated Graphical Presentation of Fabric Sound and Mechanical Properties

Gilsoo Cho, Namkyoo Lim and Yoonjung Yang. Fibers and Polymers 2010, Vol.11, No.3, 516-520.

Abstract: This paper proposes a new model capable of predicting frictional sounds of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and vapor permeable water repellent fabrics by measuring the relationships between their sound parameters and mechanical properties. We conducted an experiment in which fabric frictional sounds were recorded and analyzed. A total of 217 specimens consisting of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, and vapor permeable water repellent fabrics were sampled, and their frictional sounds recorded using a Sound Quality System. Sound parameters of fabrics including SPL (Sound Pressure Level), Loudness (Z), Sharpness (Z), and mechanical properties by Kawabata Evaluation System (KES) were obtained. The relation between sound parameters and mechanical properties were analyzed by multiple regressions. Specimens were divided into 3 clusters using mechanical properties selected by stepwise selection method, and the mechanical properties of each cluster were investigated. Specimens were classified into clusters having high level of SPL and Loudness (Z), high level of Sharpness (Z), and middle level of Loudness (Z) and Sharpness (Z), which means that sound parameters are well verified by mechanical properties of the specimens. Mechanical properties relevant to each sound parameter were mapped on two dimensional spaces by integrated graphical presentation. SPL showed high positive correlation coefficients with MMD and LT. Loudness (Z) was well predicted by 2HG5 and Sharpness (Z) by MIU.

Keywords: Cluster analysis, Fabric sound, Mechanical properties of fabrics, Multi-dimensional scaling, Factor analysis.

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